FiveStar Leather Irvin Jackets

Introduction: FiveStar Leather Team is always seeking the new developments of our customers interests and always ready to do something new which our customers are looking for, now we are working on the Authentic and Faithful Reproduction of the Royal Air Force Irvin Jackets, the demand of these Jackets during the early years of the war was so great and many sub contractors were working on them, which explains the slight variations of design and color that can be seen in early production Irvin flying jackets. we were convinced to work on this project after the suggestions of many of our customers and enthusiast, so again we accepted the challenge to reproduce the Irvin Jackets according to true and authentic details.

Original Irvin Jackets Acquisition:

To Copy the accurate details like pattern, Fleece color, Exact Buckle, Exact Hooks, and authentic zippers we acquired an Original WWII RAF Irvin Jacket and started working on acquiring the materials. Although now a days its very hard to find and copy the same materials as were used in the history, due to our commitment to reproduce the jacket with the true and authentic details first challenge and hurdle was the acquisition of authentic materials.

So First step we started from the development of the Belt Buckles which were used in these jackets, as now a days no one is making and selling these buckles in the market so we decided to make its die mold and develop the heavy duty Brass Buckles with nickel plating on it from scrap,  and after the struggle of months we are succeeded in its development, some of its raw images are attached below 

First we made its exact prototype mold and than make its first exemplary prototype, after completing this we have some final results as below 

Here we have the two examples, Left Example is for the RAF Irvin Jacket buckle which is little large than the right side buckle which is more accurate for the USAAF B3 Jackets.

So First we completed the production of this buckle, and on its development we spend huge resources and time to make this project most authentic and true to original details.

Our Next Most Important Task was the development of the Sheepskin Leather according to its true details, so we started working on this at the same time, We carefully send our Requirements to our Suppliers of Sheepskin who almost spend 6 months on the development of first lot of the sheepskin, during these 6 months period we checked and corrected different samples many times and suggested our improvements on that. 



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