Materials & Customization's


Here You can completely Customized your jackets according to the true and Authentic details, These Customization's Includes Different Leather's Like Goatskin, Capeskin, Sheepskin, Steer hide, Cow Hide, Buffalo Leather, etc

Available Leathers: 

Goatskin Leathers and Available Colours, Mainly Goatskin Leather is available in Normal Guage upto 0.8-1.0 mm thickness, Further Premium Guage for Military Jackets is available at 1.2-1.4mm Thick leathers

1. Goatskin Leathers:

We keep in stock five main colors of Goatskin leather Black, Seal Brown, Russet Brown, Redish Brown, and Conic Brown


All these Four Colours are available in Different Thickness's, Depending upon customers Choice.


2. Capeskin Leathers:

Similarly We keep in stock Four main colors of Capeskin Black, Seal Brown, Russet Brown, Redish Brown, and Conic Brown


3. Cowhide Leathers:

We keep in Stock Three Main Colours of Cowhide and Steer Hide in stock with 1.2mm thickness, Russet Brown and Seal Brown


4. Other Leather's (HH)

We also keep stock's of Hard and Long Lasting (HH) Leathers and Different Animal Skins, Mainly in two Colours Russet and Seal Brown


5. Distressed Leathers


6. Sheepskin Leathers

We also works in Sheepskin Double face leathers, we have subsequent stock's of imported and high quality sheepskin's in different colors.


Available Zippers:

We also keep stock's of Vintage and Original Repro Talon, Crown and Other Companies Zippers which are Historically Authentic for repro's

HORN Buttons:

We also Keeps stock's of different kind of Buttons, we also have the Horn Buttons which are used on special customers requirements 


Knitting Options: 

Many Customers loved to add the different colors of knitting's to Army Jackets, for such customers We also Keep Stock's of Wool, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester and Cotton Knitting's, which are used according to the special customer instructions and demands



Available Threads:



Available Mouton Fur Collars:

Available Lining Fabrics: 

Beyond the available range we can meet all of our valued customers requirements.