Repro A2 STAR SPORTSWEAR MFG.CO. Order No W535ac 28557 Horsehide Leather Flight Jacket


Men Jacket


FiveStar Leather Reproduced STAR SPORTSWEAR MFG.CO. A2 Leather Flight Jacket made from our Special Seal Brown Horsehide Leather, This Leather is Semi Veg. Tanned and True to Original Color, We use 100% Real wool Knitting's In Seal Brown color made in USA in this jacket, however other knitting colors in Wool are also available, Repro Talon Front Zipper Fastening, 100% Cotton lining true to original Color of this Contract, and this A2 Jacket have the true and Authentic Pattern Details of TYPE A2 STAR SPORTSWEAR MFG Co. Drawing No. 30-1415, Order No. W535 A.C. 28557