Repro USAAF D-1 WERBER SPORTSWEAR CO. Order No. 43-13608 AF Mechanics Shearling Jacket




Repro USAAF TYPE D1 very Rare from 1943 WERBER SPORTSWEAR CO. ORDER NO. 43-13608 AF SPEC. NO. 94-3084A Mechanics Shearling Jacket, Sheepskin of this jacket is specially made according to the original jacket, its outer color and inner fleece color is exactly matched with the original, Its Fleece length is almost 0.8-0.9mm very soft fleece. Leather Trim is Goatskin Russet Brown. This jacket Have Front Repro Talon Zipper No. 5, This jacket have two side pockets enclosed with Talon zippers. This is very Rare Contract and its main difference from the others which is very unique is its size Label spelled as A,B,C,D instead of S,M,L,XL, Its main label and size label is also best matched with the original label. This jacket Originally intended for use by USAAF ground crew personnel. 

 The patterns and other details of this  jacket are copied from an original Jacket.

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