Vintage WWII ANJ-3 Army and Navy Real Leather Flight Jacket




The AN-J-3 was designed in 1943 by the US Army Air Forces. The jacket was intended to be a replacement for the Army Air Forces A-2  Jackets & USN M-422 jackets. The Jacket have design elements both from A2 Jackets and M422 Jackets and was planned to be issued to both services. The ANJ-3 first "AN" meant "Army an Navy" use, the "J" specifies it as a "Jacket", and "3" designates it as the third jacket developed under the joint services equipment program.

Our Reproduced ANJ-3 Jacket have the True and Authentic details, made from Buffalo Distressed Leather, Have Bi -Swing Back, Under Arm Gussets, Single Rib-Rack 100% Real wool Knitting, Talon Repro Zipper, this jacket is also available in number of Leather choices as well.