WW2 Type A-4 Reproduction US Flight Suit Wool Fabric


Type A-4 Constructed using 100% authentic wool fabric, this remarkable piece of history showcases United Carr snaps and original Talon zippers. An exact reproduction of the AAF flight suit that served through all of WWII. Though classified as a summer flight suit, the wool gabardine construction made it suitable from year-round wear in the ETO. Discover what it was like to be an aviator in WWII with our A-4 Reproduction US Flight Suit Wool Fabric. Our meticulously crafted suit features authentic materials from United Carr and Talon for a truly authentic look and feel. While it may have been designed for summer wear, the wool gabardine construction makes it versatile enough for year-round use in the ETO. Embrace history and honor those who served with this accurate AAF flight suit.

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