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FiveStar Leather Repro of TYPE B3 two tone Sheepskin Jacket


Men Jacket


FiveStar Leather Reproduction of TYPE B-3 DWG.NO.33H5595 A.C.CONTRACT NO.W535 ac-1943
All of the materials were specially procured and made according to the true and authentic details of the original Contract, It has three different types of leather like its main body have the seal brown color Sheepskin whereas its sleeves are Redskin sheepskin with proper fleece length of 20-22 mm, Buckles were specially made in Brass with Nickle Plated finish accurate to the original buckles size and style, its neck and side belts are made of 3.75 mm thick cowhide leather with exact pantone color outside look, its label was designed according to the most similar font like the original and exact in size like the original label, its reproduction label have all the exact contract details only change is the "FIVESTAR LTHR. CLO.CO. added, This Jacket is a true reproduction and is available in different sizes. Custom sizes are also available on demand.